A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping cats.

A Non Profit, Volunteer Community based resource:
Ideally, there is a loving home for every cat. Until this goal is reached, RGCR will work to achieve it:

  • Helping homeless and feral cats
  • Educating the public in Cat Health and Population Control.
  • Eliminating cat overpopulation in Kent County, Maryland through encouragement and sponsorship of spay and neuter for feral and companion cats.

What is a feral cat?

Feral cats are the offspring of unneutered abandoned cats or neglected pets. Surviving without human contact these cats are fearful of people. Where a source of food is available groups of cats congregate and form colonies. They can be found eating out of dumpsters, at apartment complexes, industrial parks, urban areas, farms and residential areas. Their numbers are estimated at 60 million nationwide.

What is 'TNR'?

Trap-Neuter-Release, TNR, is a proven program for feral colony population control in which the animals are captured in humane traps, neutered and treated for medical problems by a veterinarian and released back to the colony. The sterilized cats maintain their territory and protect it from outside, fertile, intruders from surrounding areas. Without space to expand, the fertility of the surrounding colonies drops, and after sterilization, the treated colony stops growing. RGCR's TNR program, modeled after many other successful programs in the US and England, is implemented where there is an individual willing to maintain and monitor the sterilized colony. Kittens and young adult cats, which can be socialized, are placed for adoption.

If you wish to make a donation to RGCR, your donation will enable us to provide:

  • veterinary care, vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery for homeless and feral cats.
  • food and ongoing care for humanely managed colonies.
  • placement assistance for abandoned and homeless cats.
  • educational material to encourage spaying and neutering of feral and companion cats.

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