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Maryland Board of Tourism Visit
October 6, 2014

This Thursday, October 9th, there will be ‘boots on the ground’ in Rock Hall when a 35-member team of State marketing specialists make a visit to The Pearl of The Chesapeake. Rock Hall has been designated by the State of Maryland Board of Tourism for an intense marketing make-over as a preferred tourist destination. Marketing in today’s vernacular includes the integration of printed matter, social networking, web sites, mobile internet, and cloud technology. Do not become concerned if this seems a bit over the top for our little town of about 1600 residents. Your government believes it to be a worthy effort and we will be the quintessential destination for the visitor seeking the best of the Bay.
A bus will transport our visitors to town, arriving 10:30 at Town Hall, where they will transfer to our Town trams for a complete tour of Rock Hall and the surrounding market area. The stops will include restaurants, marinas, places of lodging, retail establishments, museums, and recreational areas. Bernedette Bowman, director of the Kent County Board of Tourism will guide the group through the town, giving a personal perspective at each stop.
This recognition by the State Board of Tourism will be a very valuable tool for Rock Hall. Tourism is a major part of our economy. With the help of the State and County marketing specialists, the authenticity and heritage of Rock Hall can be persevered while the events, activities, dining, marinas, and retail thrive on the bounty of tourism.

Mayor Bob Willis
Rock Hall, Maryland

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