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Council and Utility Commission Minutes for the Town of Rock Hall


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August 31, 2009
August 31, 2009

The Mayor convened the Mayor and Council Workshop meeting on the above date at 8:04 p.m. All Councilmembers were present along with Town Manager Fithian and Assistant Town Attorney Patrick Thomas.

Councilmember Kuechler made a motion to approve the minutes of the Mayor and Council Workshop Meeting of August 3, 2009 as presented; Councilmember Toulson seconded. All in favor, motion carried.

Jeanne Marsey from Really Great Cats Rescue proposed to Mayor and Council a plan to alleviate the feral cat problem on North Main Street. With the permission from Mayor and Council, Really Great Cats Rescue would like to set up a feeding station inside the fence at the Lagoon to trap the cats, have them spayed and neutered, rabies shots and have them relocated from the residential side of North Main Street. Councilmember Toulson made a motion to allow Really Great Cats Rescue use of the lagoon fenced property for trapping and feeding; Councilmember Price seconded. All in favor, motion carried.

Mayor Jacobs called for a motion to move into Executive Session to discuss legal matters regarding the possible purchase of property under section 10-508(a) of the Annotated Code of the State of Maryland. Councilmember Toulson made a motion to move into Executive Session at 8:30 p.m., was seconded by Councilmember Price and carried unanimously.

The Mayor reconvened the Mayor and Council Workshop meeting at 8:55 p.m. with no further discussion and no votes were taken.

There was a discussion regarding the possibility of building a dinghy dock for the boaters who anchor in Swan Creek. Kent County has property at the end of Haven Road. Councilmember Kuechler motioned to build the Public Dinghy Dock; Councilmember Toulson seconded. All in favor, motion carried.

Mayor and Council agreed to move ahead with the reinforcement of the boardwalk at the public beach and adding more benches. Money received from the Marsh Mitigation Fund will be used to fund the project.

Mayor and Council discussed action to appease residents on Lawton Avenue who are concerned with the constant speeding on their street. It was decided to purchase and install additional 15mph signs and a Dead End sign. The results from the Speed Enforcement machine were not available due to a data failure.

Town Manager Fithian advised Mayor and Council that Peoples Bank has suggested the town do away with the current “sweep account” for both General and Utilities Fund and rollover the sweep account money in a Checking Now account that gains more interest than the current savings account interest. Mayor and Council agreed to the change.

Town Manager Fithian suggested to Mayor and Council about the possibility of hooking up eleven additional homes on Lovers Lane in Edesville to town water. Due to the current results of the water feasibility study, Mayor and Council voted 4 - 1 against the hook-ups at this immediate time.

With there being no further business, Councilmember Price made a motion to adjourn at 10:20 p.m.; Councilmember Toulson seconded. All in favor, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Christina L. Edwards

Jay A. Jacobs, Mayor
Rosalie Kuechler, Councilmember
Olin B. Price, Councilmember
John F. Toulson, Councilmember
Robert E. Willis, Councilmember

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