My Vision for Rock Hall

A Safe Town:

Public safety is the foremost responsibility of municipalities. All Rock Hall residents deserve to be secure in their homes, safe in their neighborhoods, and able to explore our town without threat or intimidation. Our efforts to ensure public safety must be both just and compassionate. To achieve this, we must provide clear leadership, as well as the best tools and training, to our police officers, fire-fighters and others tasked with putting themselves at risk for our protection.

Police (office located at Rock Hall Municipal Building)
(410) 639-7222


An Affordable Town:

Rock Hall is undergoing a period of growth and development.

We must continue to encourage the formation of small businesses and encourage the relocation to Rock Hall of small, locally managed businesses. The Town has a economic business plan that will help with this task.

The Town needs to provide employment with salaries higher than the average for the county, this will encourage families to explore the possibilities of moving here and raising their families here.

We need to continue to create additional business opportunities in the Town, I would like to see more focus on our commercial district on Main Street. We need to work with small business owners to develop a main street business plan that will focus on the future and how we can keep Main Street alive.

We need to provide employment that corresponds to or develops the skills of town residents, together, we are increasing the income and purchasing power of low-wage workers while protecting small businesses, retaining jobs, and fostering economic development throughout the town.

A Vibrant Town:

The small-town village model – with livable, walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods and updated recreation areas – is a successful strategy for managing growth in Rock Hall. I want to continue bringing new ideas and approaches to this strategy.

We need to provide a forum for discussion and new ideas to consider as we think through planning for the future of our community. I look forward to hosting these at the town level.

Rock Hall is the entertainment capitol of Kent County, we host numerous family fun events such as the 4th of July festivities, Pirates and Wenches Weekend, FallFest, Cruise Nights on Main Street and many many more. We need to continue to support these events and recruit additional volunteers to discuss potential new events. I am committed to keeping Rock Hall Active.

Our civic, business and community leaders work hard to make our Town inviting for residents, visitors, businesses and industries –anyone who wants to call Rock Hall “home.”

An Interconnected Town:

In Rock Hall, we live in a small town with many great establishments.  While most of our full-time residents may travel by car to their place of work, many of our tourists and visitors especially those that visit Rock Hall by boat use and depend on the Town’s Tram Service to visit our, commercial stores, restaurants and retail cores throughout the community. In Rock Hall, we need a coherent transportation network for our locals and visitors, rather than a patchwork of plans. We need to continue to look into a means of alternative transportation to assist our senior citizens with appointments, etc.

This is why I am committed to continue working with organizations such as the Greater Rock Hall Business Association and Elected Officials to develop a comprehensive, multi-model transportation strategy for Rock Hall that serves not only our tourists and visitors but our locals and senior citizens.  We need to integrate and prioritize our pedestrian, bicycle, and tram plans; staying true to the goals of each while recognizing they must work together as a system.

A Town of Innovation:

A safe, vibrant, affordable, interconnected town for all is my goal while serving as an Elected Official for the Town of Rock Hall, and I hope to achieve this goal by harnessing the kind of innovation and creativity that has long-defined our great town.

This means using data to drive the most efficient use of resources, make the best investments, and deliver the best outcomes for the residents of this great town. It means replicating what has been successful elsewhere, discontinuing what is not producing the desired results, and having the energy, encouragement and initiative to generate new solutions to experiment with and see what's truly possible.

Whether you are a company searching for a new location, a retiree looking for a safe, quiet community, a tourist seeking fun and recreation, or a family in search of great schools and friendly people, Rock Hall has what you need.