Rock Hall Against Drugs
  • 2016 Kent County Overdoses and Deaths

RHAD (Rock Hall Against Drugs) is an Anti-Drug Awareness program adopted by the Rock Hall Mayor and Council at the August 13th, 2015 Mayor and Council meeting. 

The fact is far too many of our residents are impacted by drug use - whether because of drug sales occurring near their homes or because they or their family members suffer from addiction.

It is the duty of the Mayor and Council to provide for the safety and well-being of the residents and visitors of Rock Hall. The Mayor and Council along with many residents feel the drug problem can no longer be ignored.

RHAD is designed to innovate, adapt, and provide the tools needed to get the job done. RHAD will establish drug awareness programs, partner with local organizations and make sure proper healthcare is available to help to guide those suffering from addiction into recovery.

The Mayor, Council and RHAD Committee is asking the entire Rock Hall community to join us in this campaign "RHAD" Rock Hall Against Drugs.

Together, we can make a difference and together we can make Rock Hall a drug free town.

We are planning many exciting events in the community to bring drug awareness to our youth and citizens.

Members of the RHAD Committee



Elizabeth Glenn


Rachel Goss


Lori Pierce Maristch


Donna Walls