Zoning Code

The Zoning Code Of The Town Of Rock Hall, Maryland
Ordinance # 92-9
Article I. Title And Applicability

Section 1. Title
Section 2. Applicability

Article II. Purpose
Article III. Districts And District Maps

Section 1. Districts Established
Section 2. Establishment Of District Map
Section 3. Copies Of Map
Section 4. Periodic Review Of Regulations
Section 5. Interpretation Of Boundaries
Section 6. Underwater Areas
Section 7. Official Critical Area Overlay District Maps
Section 8. Changing The Official Critical Areas
Overlay District Maps

Article IV. General Provisions

Section 1. Compliance Required
Section 2. Location On Lots Required
Section 3. Encroachments And Reductions Of Lot Area Prohibited
Section 4. Prior Construction Of Accessory Structures
Section 5. Uses Not Permitted Are Prohibited
Section 6. Tables Are Part Of This Ordinance
Section 7. Incorporation By Reference
Section 8. Modification To Setback Requirements
Section 9. Density Determination
Section 10. Non-Tidal Wetland Determination
Section 11. Uses Specifically Prohibited

Article V. District Regulations

Section 1. R-1 Low Density Residential
Section 2. R-2 Mixed Residential
Section 3. R-3 High Density Residential
Section 4. C-1 Community Commercial 
Section 5. C-2 Highway Commercial
Section 6. C-3 Town Center Commercial
Section 7. Mci Mixed Commercial/Industrial
Section 8. Mrec Maritime Recreational
Section 9. Mc Maritime Commercial
Section 10. Mwd Maritime Water-Dependent
Section 11. 0 Critical Area Overlay
Section 12. Ga Growth Allocation

Article VI. Uses Subject To Performance Standards
Article VII. Sign Regulations

Section 1. Definitions
Section 2. General Sign Regulations
Section 3. Permitted Signs

Article VIII. Off-Street Parking; Off-Street Loading

Section 1. Table Of Parkings Requirements
Section 2. Interpretation Of Parking Table
Section 3. Joint Use And Off-Site Facilities: Parking
Section 4. Design Standards: Parking
Section 5. Table Of Loading Requirements
Section 6. Interpretation Of Loading Table
Section 7. Mixed Use Requirements: Loading
Section 8. Design Standards: Loading
Section 9. Modification To Parking And Unloading Requirements

Article IX. Supplementary Height, Area, And Bulk Regulations

Section 1. Purpose
Section 2. Mixed Uses
Section 3. Height Modifications
Section 4. Lot Area
Section 5. Lot Averaging
Section 6. General Yard And Open Space Regulations
Section 7. Front Yards
Section 8. Side Yards
Section 9. Rear Yards
Section 10. Visibility At Intersections

Article X. Nonconforming Uses

Section 1. Noncomforming Land And Structures
Section 2. Nonconforming Signs
Section 3. Discontinuance
Section 4. Conditions For Restoration
Section 5. Intermittent Use
Section 6. Determination Of Nonconformance
Section 7. Continuance Of Nonconforming Height, Area, Or Bulk
Section 8. Dwellings In Industrial Districts
Section 9. Pre-Exisiting Uses And Lots Of Record In The Critical Area District

Article XI. Administrative Provisions

Section 1. Changes And Amendments
Section 2. Special Amendment Requirements In The Critical Area District
Section 3. Procedures For Approval Of Uses With Performance Standards 
Section 4. Procedures For Approval Of Conditional Uses
Section 5. Procedures For Approval Of Preliminary And Final Site Plans
Section 6. Site Plan Review For Certain Uses
Section 7. Requirements Of Preliminary Site Plans
Section 8. Requirements For Final Site Plans
Section 9. Amendments And Additions To Site Plans 
Section 10. Certificate Of Occupancy
Section 11. Interpretation, Purpose, And Conflicts

Article XII. Administrative Procedures For Zoning Administrator

Section 1. Statement Of Intent
Section 2. General 
Section 3. Permits
Section 4. Enforcement
Section 5. Fees

Article XIII. Board Of Appeals

Section 1. Creation; Organization; Rules Of Conduct
Section 2. Appeals Procedure 
Section 3. Powers And Duties
Section 4. Variances
Section 5. Conditions Attached To Approvals
Section 6. Lapse Of Variance
Section 7. Amendments To Variances
Section 8. Appeals To Courts
Section 9. Variance From Crit Area Overlay District Provisions

Article XIV. Definitions

Section 1. Rules Of Construction
Section 2. General Definitions
Section 3. Definitions Applicable To The Critical Area Overlay

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