Zoning Code Article II


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The purpose of this Ordinance is to implement the Rock Hall Comprehensive Plan adopted December 6, 1990, and to promote, in accordance with present and future needs, the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of Rock Hall, Maryland, by:

A. Providing for efficiency and economy in the process of development;

B. Providing for the appropriate and best use of land;

C. Providing for the convenience of traffic and circulation of people and goods;

D. Providing for the appropriate use and occupancy of structures;

E. Providing for the healthful and convenient distribution of population;

F. Providing for good civic design and arrangement, including the preservation and enhancement of the attractiveness of the community, adequate public utilities, the determination of appropriate height and bulk for structures, the area of yards and other open spaces, and the density of use; and

G. Addressing the purpose of the Critical Area Program and the zoning requirements necessary to implement this Program.

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