Tram Donations Welcomed

An open letter to the Citizens of Rock Hall from the Rock Hall Tram Committee:

As many of you know, several years ago Rock Hall invested in a new “Tram” system to serve the needs of both the residents and visitors to our town.   Since its inception, the Trams have carried more than 42,000 customers and have become an important tool to link its customers (riders) to the Rock Hall business community.

Many of our residents use the Tram system as a means for every day travel from their homes to the businesses within town.  And, the Trams have become vital to linking the boating community, and especially the transient boaters who have no alternate means of transportation, to the many businesses that rely heavily on their commerce.

After much discussion among the Tram committee members, drivers, and other constituents, it was decided to continue to operate the Tram system without increasing the cost to the riders!!  It was universally felt that by increasing the $1 per ride cost, we would run the risk of reducing ridership trends and therefore negatively impact the many businesses that rely heavily on the Tram system to transport their customers.

However, we need your assistance to continue to provide the historically high level of service as well as our plans to expand the hours of operation to better coincide with the needs of our community.  To this point, the Trams have relied exclusively on ridership and advertising revenues in order to support its operating costs (drivers, gas, repairs/maintenance, etc).  In fact, the revenue from our advertisers alone already provides roughly 35% of the Tram’s operating budget.

We all recognize that Rock Hall’s operating budget is being squeezed, and we are asking for donations to help us defray the costs of the Tram system and to allow us to continue to provide this important means of transportation to Rock Hall’s residents and visitors alike.

For those of you that do not use the Tram system, we hope that you recognize that this service plays a very important role in driving customers to our local business owners!!  And, we are certain that you recognize that a vibrant and stable business community is of the utmost importance to the Town of Rock Hall.

We thank you in advance for your support, and appreciate whatever you can do to support us in this effort.  Please send your donation in the amount of $10; $25; $50; or $_____ made payable to the Town of Rock Hall, P.O. Box 367, Rock Hall, MD 21661 (Please reference Tram Support with your donation)!

Thank you for considering this important effort!