Tram Advertising

Dear Business Owner:

Are you interested in advertising your business on the Rock Hall Trams? More than 19,720 riders used the tram during 2018. Roughly half of tram riders are Rock Hall residents, so this service is important to our residents and visitors alike. Your advertising dollars pay for tram maintenance and help keep rider fares low.

This year we will print signs for tram advertisers to post at their businesses stating, “We Support the Rock Hall Trams”, and the trams will highlight advertisers along the route. Also to improve rider accessibility, the town will post signs in high traffic areas with the tram phone numbers. Rider and driver feedback confirm that keeping fares at $1 per ride is important to retaining and building ridership. To keep fares at $1 we are increasing some of the more popular, highly visible ad spaces on the trams. See the attached price list.

If you have not advertised on the trams in the past, we encourage you to advertise to support this vital service in our town. Call the town office to find out what ad spaces are available.

Keep your business visible to the many visitors and residents in Rock Hall – advertise on the trams.