to the Pearl of the Chesapeake!


Welcome to our town. You've come to the end of Route 20 and the quiet town of Rock Hall, Maryland. Embrace the Eastern Shore way of life - take a deep breath, relax, and slow down! 


Beginning as a small harbor town, Rock Hall has been an important part of the historical fabric of the Eastern Shore. Watermen and their families have worked the Chesapeake Bay for generations which has created a wonderful cornerstone for this close, friendly community. In fact, our welcome sign lets people know that ‘Nice people live here!’

Settled in 1706, Rock Hall is a charming Chesapeake Bay village with miles of shoreline, public docking, and many marinas. Our artistic community is alive and vibrant with constant inspiration from the unspoiled surroundings; musicians come from near and far for our enjoyment. Our restaurants offer everything from steamed crabs served waterside to fine dining to take-back-to the boat selections.

Check out our calendar for upcoming festivals, activities, special events, music, and more. 

We welcome you and hope you enjoy your visit to our town. Fishing, boating, hunting, birdwatching, biking, walking, sunning, beachcombing, playing, or just sitting back with your favorite drink – we’ve got it all in Rock Hall.