Do you own/operate a business in Rock Hall?…. here is what you need to know

The Town of Rock Hall charges an annual fee of $75.00 to operate a business within town limits.

To apply for a license, please visit the Municipal Building during regular business hours.  Filling out a business license form is easy to do in person, and you can pay by check or cash.

The license is renewed every June.  Business license fees are not prorated.

Join the Rock Hall Business Directory

The Rock Hall website has two components: a visitor-oriented side ( and a resident-oriented side (

The business directory is utilized for both parts of the website.  You can join the directory if your business is within the Town Limits or District 5.   It is your responsibility to notify the town that information about your business needs to be modified, or that your business needs to be deleted.  Use this online form.

The following categories are highlighted on the visitor’s site:







Arts and Entertainment

If your business does not fit one of these categories, please select “other” on the application and indicate your category.  You will be listed in the main business directory.