Parks & Recreation

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The Town of Rock Hall Parks and Recreation Board which is appointed by the Mayor and Council is to preside for the establishment, maintenance and operation of facilities and to administer a comprehensive program of parks and recreation.

The Board shall be responsible for planning, organizing, directing and administering a comprehensive program of parks and recreation and shall:

A. Be responsible for the training and supervision of all Board personnel and for periodic evaluation of workers and maintenance of proper working conditions.

B. Determine the form of staff organization and the number of workers of each type that are needed to provide the approved program and prepare their assignments, responsibilities, relationship and working hours.

C. Plan and supervise properly all parks and recreation programs.

D. See that personnel and equipment are provided for maintaining properties, keeping buildings, pools and other structures clean and in good condition, marking game courts and fields, surfacing play areas, repairing and replacing broken equipment and performing other functions needed to keep recreation and parks properties attractive, safe and serviceable.

E. Prepare rules and regulations, subject to the approval of the Mayor and Council, to assure fair and satisfactory use of parks and recreational facilities and properties.

F. Submit to the Mayor and Council an annual report of the Board's activities, together with recommendations for further activities and development of the town parks and recreation program and submit any other reports or documents pertaining to the duties of the Board as may from time to time be requested by the Mayor and Council.

G. Recommend from time to time to the Mayor and Council the acquisition of land for parks and/or recreational facilities.

H. Perform any other duties as may from time to time be required by the Mayor and Council.

Parks & Recreation Board Members

MemberTitleEmail AddressTelephone #
Donna Legg


Tori Bershon


Carolyn Jones

Vice Mayor / Council Liaison

410-639-7611 Ext. 102

Patty Williams