The Rock Hall Police Department promotes public safety through service, integrity, and professionalism utilizing partnerships to: 

  • Prevent, reduce, and deter crime and the fear of crime.
  • Enhance street safety through education and enforcement.
  • Safeguard property and protect individual rights.
  • In all areas of service, we seek to improve the quality of life of those whom we are entrusted to serve.

The Rock Hall Police Department is dedicated to keeping the citizens of Rock Hall safe and secure in their persons, homes and property.  This Department is on duty through rotating shifts, seven days a week, every day of the year, and every officer in our Department is in continuous training for new duties and challenges. In practice, as befitting a tight-knit team like ours, everyone is fully capable and prepared to handle whatever duties the day brings.  Small town police departments do not have the luxury of highly specialized units, so our officers must handle a broad range of duties and responsibilities in the course of every working day.

Our officers are dispatched through the Kent County Emergency Communications Center in Chestertown, MD.  Like all the municipal police departments in the county and state, we work closely with the Kent County Sheriff’s Office, Maryland State Police, as well as all other state and federal law enforcement agencies, as the need arises.


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Acting Chief of Police

Cliff Wilson


Chris Wode