Main Street Manager/Grants Office

The Grant Writer’s Office vigorously pursues and acquires public grants that promote the Town's mission and core values. This work is accomplished through partnerships with committed professionals including elected officials, state officials, town staff and citizens. The Grant Writer’s Office oversees, coordinates and supports grant development activities throughout the Town by providing services to the Mayor and Council, town staff and citizens and by serving as a liaison with town appointed committees as well as current and potential external funding agencies. 

To help staff secure grant funding for projects, the Town's Grant Writer’s Office provides technical support including:

· Help translating ideas into fundable projects
· Identifying potential grant funding sources
· Interpreting grant guidelines 
· Completing grant applications 
· Writing narratives 
· Assisting with developing project budgets 
· Providing supporting research/data 
· Editing and proofreading applications 
· Formatting, copying and mailing/delivering applications

This page will also connect you with any committees or boards that are appointed to meet grant guidelines.

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July 14, 2016